Nissan Cars: The Future Of Car Manufacturing ​

Nissan prides itself on advancing its vehicles with the latest technology. As such, Nissan's latest metal forming technology is providing the ability to form old Nissan car parts and custom parts quickly and efficiently, revolutionising how new Nissan cars can be built in the future.

What is Dual-Sided Dieless Forming?

Previously, car manufacturers had to press sheet metal against specially created dies (a similar tool to a mold), an overly expensive way of production for relatively inexpensive parts. Nissan’s new and efficient method of producing their car parts is Dual-Sided Dieless Forming, an attractive alternative to the expensive industry norm. This technique gets rid of dies and stamping machines and replaces them with two robots which together produce the desired Nissan car parts. The modern technology allows the two robots to sync their movements, working with diamond tipped tools developed by the Nissan team to shape the metal sheets to any complex design.

How does it work?

The two smart robots create a 3D scan of the existing car part which they learn from to build that particular element, with the help of a little human guidance. This is exciting news for classic car lovers as it means old Nissan car parts that haven’t been manufactured in decades can be created by simply scanning existing ones.

With the new Dual-Sided Dieless Forming method, this process is also far quicker, reducing the waiting time from a year to under a week! This technology is currently being promoted with the intention of creating replacement parts for collectible cars they no longer sell but looking forward there is the potential for custom parts for new Nissan cars.

Where did this idea come from?

This ground-breaking method is the product of five years of work, with the aim of moving away from forming sheet metal using the traditional – but economically inefficient - dies. Keigo Oyamada, Assistant Manager at Nissan’s Vehicle manufacturing Element Engineering Department specified that the main goal was to solve cost issues from creating dies for small-volume and old model production.

The future of car manufacturing at Nissan has exciting prospects, and Nissan models of the future are guaranteed to showcase technological advancements. Even today, the new Nissan Leaf, Nissan Micra and Nissan Qashqai are paving the way, with contemporary electric and hybrid technology as we move towards electrified motoring. Visit your local Nissan dealership in Dorchester to talk everything cars, book a Nissan service, or find a Nissan model for you.