How To Winterproof Your Nissan​

As we get further into winter, it is important to make sure you take the necessary precautions to prepare your Nissan car. It may not seem that important but it can help keep yourNissanin good working order in colder weather and make sure you and other road users are safe. Nissan cars like the Nissan Navara are fantastic in tricky weather conditions due to the 4 wheel drive system. But regardless of what model or specification you have, we have a few tips to help winterproof yourNissan.

Use Nissan accessories

Using Nissan accessoriesis a great way to winterproof your Nissan. A car or windshield cover will keep your windows free from frost that builds up overnight. This will save you time scraping your windscreen every morning and protect your windows and bodywork from scratches. If you do any driving on dirt tracks and trails, all our Nissan models like the Nissan Qashqaiare available with mudguards. This stops the wheelarches from becoming clogged with mud which is especially useful in rainy winter months.


A useful tip if you do a lot of driving during the winter months is to fill your Nissans wiper fluid and coolant with anti-freeze. Normal water will freeze at some extreme temperatures which could compromise your engine or visibility while on the road. The right mix of anti-freeze will stop temperatures in your Nissans engine from getting too hot and keep your wiper fluid from freezing.

Test the battery

Cold weather put a lot of strain on car batteries. It is a good idea to always be testing your Nissan car battery to make sure it starts correctly and is not showing any signs of deterioration. This is especially true if you do not frequently use your Nissan. In this case, even when you are not using it you should turn the engine on just to maintain your batteries health. If you feel like there may be a problem with your battery then get in touch to book a service.

Tyre checks and pressure

One of the most important parts of your Nissan car to maintain during winter is the tyres. It is very common for accidents to happen on icy roads because of poor tyre conditions. This does not mean you have to fit winter tyres to your Nissan. But it is important to inflate your tyres to the correct PSI stated in your Nissan handbook. You should also check that the tread on your Nissan car tyres has at least 3mm of rubber. Anything less and you risk skidding on icy road surfaces.

Keep an emergency kit

Having an emergency kit in your Nissan car is always a good idea in case you run into a problem. Spare engine oil and washer fluid can be a lifesaver, and an extra tyre and jump lead will get you back on the road if you run your battery flat or puncture a tyre.

For more advice on winterproofing yourNissan, get in contact with us on 01305 263031 and we’ll be happy to help. If you want to view the full range of new and used Nissan carsor to book a winter service visit your local Nissan Dorchester dealership.