How Nissan are Advancing Their Cars with Technology

Nissan will revolutionise the way you drive with the latest technology. From 360° cameras to automatic parking, our intelligent driving integration makes your journey with Nissan smarter, simpler, and more exciting. The Nissan driver assistance technologies feature braking assistance and ride control to offer that extra step of safety to make for a comfortable and confident journey. Discover how Nissan is redefining their models so you can move with speed, power, and safety all at once.

Switch to the safety of ProPILOT

The innovative ProPILOT feature uses advanced radar technology to monitor your environment when driving. We understand that situations can change quickly, which is why models like the Nissan Qashqai provides a second pair of eyes.

Steering assistance will monitor the lane markings around you and keep you centred, so you can say goodbye to lane drifting. The Nissan Qashqai will also adjust your speed, so you are at a safe distance from surrounding cars. ProPILOT will detect if the car ahead of you slows or stops and react by bringing you to a stop until traffic starts moving again.

Drive further with elevated safety innovations, with the assurance that your protection is at the forefront of our intelligent design. 

A stimulating and sustainable drive

The environmental advancements of Nissan cars prove that you don’t need to sacrifice the thrill of driving for sustainability. The next generation Nissan Juke offers an aerodynamic design to improve fuel efficiency. NissanConnect provides details on fuel usage to give you more control for your journey from the convenience of your smartphone. At Dorchester Nissan, we are committed to improving our zero-emission range so you can enjoy a smooth ride at a limited cost to the environment. 

Around-view cameras for power and precision

We are making parking as easy as the push of a button. With automatic ProPILOT parking, your Nissan will gently and safely manoeuvre into spaces by controlling the steering, acceleration and braking.

Intelligent 360° cameras detect the parking space for efficient guided parking, and the around-view camera monitors are programmed to come to a safe stop if any hazards are detected. The Nissan Qashqai uses an intelligent detection system with a blind spot warning that will alert you when a vehicle is in your blind spot.

Whether driving on a motorway or parking your vehicle, make it safe and stress-free by letting driver assistance take control.

Awareness assist

Intelligent ride control and alerts monitor the steering patterns in your Nissan and the smart system display reminds you when you might need a break. For those late-night drives, our high beam assist will automatically activate your headlights when needed, and switch to low beam when oncoming vehicles are detected so you can focus on the road ahead without worrying about distracting other drivers.

With the help of brake assist, you can apply the brakes and adjust the engine torque as soon as you hit a speed bump to ensure your drive is smooth in all situations. Nissan offers these ground-breaking assistance technologies so you can drive confidently in a powerful car that is designed to make your journey easier than ever before.

Nissan Dorchester is a local Nissan dealership with both new and used cars. To learn more about the latest models, from the improved sleek design of the Nissan Juke to the new era of control and connection with our Nishan Qashqai visit Nissan Dorchester in Dorset today. Discover how our technologies will keep you safe on the roads at no cost to style and the power of maximum performance.