7 Top Spring Cleaning Tips For Your Nissan Car

Spring is finally here and with Summer just around the corner, it’s time for the annual spring clean of your car. At Nissan Dorchester, we offer a full Nissan car service to get you on the road with confidence this Spring. We have also put together a list of the top spring cleaning tips for you to do at home.

1. A spring clean starts with washing & waxing

To kick start your spring clean give your paintwork a well-needed wash. Months of wet and windy weather will have covered the exterior of your car in dirt and grit. Start by giving your car a rinse with a pressure washer or garden hose. Using a cloth or sponge apply your soap or wax solution and work your way through each area of the car. Give your car a final rinse to remove any excess soap and then dry with a towel or microfibre cloth.

2. Freshen up your windows & wheels

It is important to make sure you clean your car windows to maintain good visibility in Spring and Summer. When cleaning your windows, always use a special window washing solution as this will leave no marks when left to dry. Remember to wash both the inside and outside of your windows for the best results.

To clean your wheels, start by removing your hubcaps, you can then clean these separately. A brush and some soap water will remove most of the dirt on the wheel arches and wheel wells. As you wash each wheel make sure you check tyre pressure and tread. If you notice that your tyres need changing then book in for a Nissan Service at our Nissan Dorchester dealership.

3. Tidy your carpets & upholstery

When cleaning a car interior at Nissan Dorchester we always start by hoovering the carpets and upholstery. Most footwells have removable carpets so take these out and give them a good clean. As you hoover the seats, use an attachment to get into the cracks between the materials as lots of dirt and crumbs usually end up there.

4. Organise your boot and other compartments

Just like with the footwells and upholstery, make sure you give your trunk a good vacuum. This is a great opportunity to clean out any unwanted items from your trunk, spare coats and wellies that have been sitting in there since the start of winter can definitely go back into storage.

5. Give your dashboard, centre console & doors a clean

Keep it simple when cleaning your dashboard and door interiors. A damp cloth will work just fine but make sure you wring out any excess water. Try to avoid getting any electrical ports or connections wet. Give all surfaces a wipe and spend some time cleaning out cup holders in your centre console and doors.

6. Replace your wipers

Your windscreen wipers get a lot of use over winter so they may well need replacing. If you find that they are making a lot of noise and struggling to clear the debris from your windscreen, then it is probably time to replace them. Speak to someone at our Nissan Dorchester dealership about getting your wipers replaced as part of our Nissan Dorchester service.

7. Book a Nissan Dorchester service

To get the most out of your spring clean, book your car in for a Nissan Dorchester service. Our expert technicians will look over your car and make sure everything under the bonnet is in good condition.

For more information about our Nissan car service, speak to a member of our team at Nissan Dorchester. Get in contact with us by calling 01305 263031 or visiting our Nissan Dorchester dealership.