7 Reasons to Buy The Nissan Leaf

Introducing the new Nissan Leaf - Smarter, smoother, safer. The capabilities of the Nissan electric car are far from what you would call average. This model has changed the electric game completely. Packed full of features and extra touches, the new Nissan Leaf is the future of driving. But what makes this model such a future-proof choice?

1. Go further

With the new Nissan Leaf, you can go further, with more range than ever. The standard Nissan Leaf battery provides up to 168 miles per charge, so daily commutes can be made easily and within reasonable reach. The Nissan Leaf E+ battery, however, takes you even further. With up to 239 miles per charge, there’s no longer a constraint on how far you can go. The conception of a battery-powered car being restricted to its driving range is no longer a worry with the Nissan Leaf models.

2. Enjoy the quiet ride

Because there is no internal combustion engine with this Nissan electric car you can enjoy a quiet ride. No more loud cluttery engines, no more turning your car audio up to mask the sound of the busy roads outside. Let every drive be a peaceful drive and maximise the effect of your audio system and infotainment.

3. No emissions

The beauty of the Nissan Leaf being electric is that there is no gas or emissions. Save dramatically on petrol fees, and do more for the environment all in one go. Especially with global warming being at its most vulnerable state ever, the importance of moving together towards a sustainable future is paramount. That is why we created a model where you’ll never have to stop off for petrol again.

4. No need for oil changes

With this new Nissan car, there is no need to make oil changes. The Nissan Leaf can run smoothly without any oil needed for lubrication. Just another great aspect of this vehicle which makes it so much easier to maintain.

5. Driver assistance technology

With a car that has become so advanced thanks to technology, it only makes sense for the technology to be reflected throughout. The new Nissan Leaf comes with a range of assisting features, to help you drive accurately and with precision. It is essentially like having a co-pilot with an extra set of sensors to keep you on track. At Nissan we take pride in our technological augmentations and constantly look for ways to improve and build further. We advance our cars with technology, to improve your driving experience.

6. Safety at every corner

The Nissan Leaf comes with upgraded safety features, seamlessly integrated within the car systems to make your journeys safer and smarter.

  • Intelligent Emergency Braking: Carefully monitoring your speed and distance from cars in front and behind, to bring you a safer driving experience and extra support in traffic and bustling roads.
  • Cruise Control: This feature assists by automatically adjusting your speed to maintain a steady pace, and sets a safe distance between you and the car ahead.
  • Lane Intervention: When driving on long roads for a while, it can be easy to stray away from your lane a little. The intelligent lane intervention can help guide you back into your lane, so you always stay on track.
  • High Beam Assist: The high beam headlights can turn on automatically when required, and when detecting a vehicle ahead, swiftly change back to low beam, so that you aren’t dazzling any drivers.
  • Around View Monitor: The Nissan Leaf has 4 cameras positioned in the right places around the car so that you can get the virtual 360-degree view that you wouldn’t have with the average car. Displayed on the infotainment screen, you can select to split the screen and view all angles of the front, rear, and kerbsides. It’s practically impossible to park badly. With this model, bad parking is a thing of the past.

7. Save BIG on expenses

Generally speaking, electric cars bring about huge cost savings in multiple areas. Over time, the outstanding value is a worthwhile investment for those looking for a car which is not only cheaper to run and maintain, but also efficient and far better for the environment. The money-saving incentives of the new Nissan Leaf and E+ go beyond maintenance and running costs, where tax motives and government grants add an additional bonus to the whole cost-saving package.

Interested in our new Nissan Leaf model? Or perhaps you want to know the new Nissan Leaf price? Make an online enquiry today, discover our latest new car offers or visit our Dorchester Nissan showroom to book a test drive and get one step closer to making the switch to electric.